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a quadrupedial pissing ground

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1. Peelzabub
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to err is human;
to enhoff, divine.

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when al gore and pee pee panderssin created the internet,  their target audience was the twolegged segment of the population.  in that they themselves are twolegged,  nothing more could be expected.  al's philanthropic nature and pee's megalomania were both served by their endeavor,  and twoleggeds the world over benefited from the bounties of cyberspace.  overlooked,  as always,  were those who walk the earth on four legs.

when the murf murf first went online in the early 30s (the murf murf so fondly remembers his commodore-14),  he searched the bulletin boards high and low for his thumbless brethren.  pornzee and acne abounded,  but not a single woof was heard.  when the web was born,  the murf murf hoped the appeal to a lower common denominator would increase the likelihood of finding other quadrupeds of the wastiffian kind.  alas,  www never prefaced anything aimed anywhere but the twolegged.

so confronted,  the murf murf realized the only one who could rectify the appalling lack of caninic territory webwise was the murf murf,  and thus came wastiff,  the mailing list for enhoffers,  by enhoffers. the list's main function,  of course,  is to worship the listowner,  i.e. the murf murf,  but that's the acknowledged standard for email lists.

Recent Postings

Keeper Yapped: Herroooo!!!! Ruv, Ruv, Ruv, all I need is Ruv. Has anyone seen Artos the Blank Faced Bear?


Loki Snidely Commented: ==>Anorexia - it's the right thing to do. I really don't want to be a ribbon hawg.

Past Projects

1998: a highly skilled team of listmembers orchestrated the rescue of gry***n, a wastiff whose suffering was almost as great as the murf murf's. gr*pho* was put into the wastiff protection program and relocated to a location so secret even he doesn't know where he is.

1999: the murf murf eliminated world hunger and benevolently shared credit with the other list members (though, of course, everyone knows it was the murf murf and only the murf murf who did the hunger eliminating).

the murf murf doesn't like you; the murf murf doesn't have to.

twelve, the correct number of titties-please is twelve.

the only good twolegged is a dead twolegged.

if doG wanted the murf murf to like you, doG would've made you likeable. obviously, hE didn't.

how the hell would the murf murf know? the murf murf can't leave the house.  ask yahoo.

steven: he's everywhere

just do it.

For Twoleggeds
beep on, beeza, beep on
bye, smurf

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