ert world!

i, ert, welcome you to ert world, a little slice of cyberspace devoted to publicizing the ills suffered by my poor little self.

there was a time when my ertly life didn't suck, but that halcyon period is long gone. for me, despair is a way of life. to visit the better days of ertdom, click on the ertshoe below.

this is alwaysdrivin. she used to be my mother till she decided she'd rather be a grandmother. she traded me to the eviltrolljuly for a weekend of debauchery in ithaker.

alwaysdriving birthed me in the greatbig state of texass, land of bighair and an oilbased economy.

we lived in an armadillo.

alwaysdriving loved to use these torture implements on the ert

one day, alwaysdrivin put on her peculiarpants and put the ert in a nasty old sherpabag. then she drove to the airport, and the next thing my ertliness knew, i was surrounded by ithaker. my life has sucked beyond my worst nightmares ever since.

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ert pictures

in which we see pictures of alwaysdrivin blithely abandoning the ert

in which we see a plea to alwaysdrivin for rescue

in which we see the hell of life with the eviltroll

4/13/02 - new pictures

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