before i graced her life, evil spent 4 1/2 years without neogoodness. she used to have kali jane, and she bothered that poor girl Every Day with requests to bury her evil nose in kali's neck for essence of mastino. evil now sniffs me CONSTANTLY, and quite frankly, i don't know how kali jane stood it. badpoodle tells me escape is possible, but i figure i can tolerate the she-ape's attempts to inhale me as long as she keeps providing me with caloric intake.

bella's favorites

  • author: andrew vachss (be brave. read him)
  • food: chicken from my native land
  • beverage: puddle water (such flavor!)
  • woobie: 24" fleecey bone
  • forbidden woobie: 10 pound fleecey badpoodle
  • neo book: miss sherilyn's The Official Book of the Neopolitan Mastiff (evil thinks miss sherilyn is The Woman)

  • bella beloved

    bella supports
    United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club Rescue.

    to err is human; to klop, divine

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