the main thing i don't like about
claws & paws is GOOCH*

*gooch:  resident lhapso, i.e. blackhearted little man who should return to tibet

immediately after entering Claws & Paws, my poodle self is subjected to assault by lhapso.

gooch attempts to overwrite my mark on his territory.  ba** then negated both our efforts with urine eraser.

goodpoodle distracts the lhapso while i check out his parts.  his parts didn't impress me.

goodpoodle didn't actually distract gooch on purpose and fled once he realized what was going on.

gooch continues his violation of me, badpoodle, despite his twolegged's command to stop.

as ba takes my poodleness out of humping range, gooch gets in one last sniff.  who can blame him.

**ba:  gooch's twolegged.  evil says ba is short for barbara;  i say it's short for humbug.

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