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    smurf en hoffer

    gender: genuine
    d.o.b.: may 17, 1991
    a.k.a.: the murf murf, min, bubba, een, smurf E.
    job:not liking you
    hobbies: dying, lint eating, seeking the elusive twelve-titties-please, vinting fine poops
    goals: to rid the world of twoleggeds and terriers, to regain eyesight and to find something other than lint to eat
    turn-ons: the thought of leaving
    food: the murf murf is fed only lint, so he has no choice but to list that as his favorite.
    appendage: the murf murf's own, thank you
    activity: enhoffing
    color:a lighter shade of pale
    aromas: eau de lady wastiff, rotting cooter, the bottom of the murf murf's own peds, digby's butt
    song: a fridge for a troubled hoffer
    book: mein dumpf, by dolf en hoffer
    twolegged: any dead one
    time: the murf murf's twoleggeds' bedtime
    jeopardy  category:
    potent potables
    movie: guess who's not coming to dinner (the murf murf)
    OS: linux
    wwf star: hulk hogan (even if he's now calling himself hollywood hulk hogan)
    twolegged: it's a tie between evil and pee pee
    fourlegged: duh. keeper.
    invention: vegetarians
    subject: ruv
    religion: RCs
    book: all hobbits; mastiff the aristocratic guardian
    the murf murf doesn't like you; the murf murf doesn't have to.