chow! i am the neogoddess bella, and i understand your need to be here. it is impossible not to worship me, and i have compassion for your compulsion to pay homage.

to the left, you'll see my beautiful face against a backdrop of poppies which i caused to bloom with the nectar of my laps.

how i came to be in ithaker

  • it was mainly the doing of the raudenbush twolegged, but he was aided and abetted by the twoleggeds joe-from-Da-City and susan-from-satin-eyeland.
  • multiple vehicles were involved.
  • driving, driving, driving.

  • my complaints thus far

    there are no malls. huge sections of ithaca are NOT PAVED. there is dirt everywhere, and when it rains, the dirt turns to mud. it's disgusting. i never encountered such primitive living conditions EVER in longgggg eyeland.

    suddenly i have this major calendar, and i have to put in public appearances DAILY. the she-ape (evil) drags my neapolitan aesthetic perfection everywhere, starting at 7:30 in the morning when i'm still logging in beauty sleep hours.

    everyone talks funny. evil played some old video footage of joey buttafooko, but it just wasn't the same.

    bella's buds

    daisy, ringo and april


    ringo, dog of the day!

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