i am badpoodle
A:  i stink therefore i am Q:  what philosphy was originated by fifi descartes (rene's poodle)?
A:  world war II Q:  what almost perfected the mastiff?
A:  thumbs Q:  what do fourleggeds not need in order to lick their genitalia?
A:  the aristocratic guardian Q:  what is the worst book i ever peed on?
A:  smurf enhoffer Q:  who will outlive us all?
potent poodles
A:  8 pounds Q:  what is the weight of a 10 pound poodle's weiner?
A:  dinosaurs Q:  whose existence was wiped from the planet by poodles?
A:  because they're poodles Q:  why are poodles the dominant race on earth?
A:  he doesn't have to Q:  why does badpoodle not like you?


Q:  who is badpoodle?
john fogarty
A:  toin Q:  what does a wheel do?
A:  voygin Q:  what variety of woman has it become increasingly hard for john fogarty to meet?
A:  boin Q:  what does a fire do?
A:  the coyloh poipuh Q:  what book can't john ask for in a bookshop?
A:  cyndi lauper Q:  who understands every word john says?
rhymes with pee
A:  she did the brown acid Q:  who is melanie?
A:  the root of all evil Q:  who is mommy?
A:  porn search item Q:  what is dee dee?
A:  evil in west virginia Q:  what is intrafamilial matrimony?
A:  craved by list owners Q:  what is sycophancy?
pot pourri
A:  1/2 ounce Q:  what was the weight of the original dime?
A:  rolling papers Q:  what do people who never have pot always have?
A:  duh Q:  did he inhale?
A:   -- Q:  what?
A:  wanna get high? Q:  what does towelie say that we should all say more often?
A:  a penis Q:  what does jamie lee curtis have that carrie fisher does not?
A:  ron jeremy's penis Q:  what's hidden under ron jeremy's blanket o' belly
A:  the penis Q:  whatis mightier than the sword?
A:  one or more penises Q:  what do you need for a protein facial?
A:  a gaggle Q:  what is the term for a group of penises? OR what is an archaic nickname for ron jeremy's penis?