travels with ert

always thinking of new and terrible things to do to the ert, hairy twolegged decided to celebrate the longer days of saving daylight with initiation of the terrier into the ranks of harley riders. much to everyone's surprise, my ertly self more than appreciated heavy metal thunder, and i soon found myself cruising down the highway with the wind in my whiskers. five minutes later, evil and hairy wussed out re dangers of riding with an ert held only by evil's hands and stopped at stewart park (i'm quite sure hairy could be kicked out of the bad biker boys club for cutting my ride so pathetically short). the twoleggeds tried to compensate for my abbrieviated road time with a walk through the bird sanctuary. peace love bobbysherman nature walks are for sissies and smelly old hippies, but i had no choice but to indulge them (hairy had the vroom vroom keys).

obviously, pictures of me on the bike would have been far more interesting than those of our nature walk, but totally lacking friends, evil and hairy were at a loss for photographs of the three of us. so, trees, lake, dead leaves, yada yada, though i must say the last picture in the second row is worth clicking on to see a bigger version. this is one of the wild goldfish of cayuga lake, and evil was quite pleased by how well the old camera captured it. though blurry, she enjoys clicking on the last picture to see hairy's bulge.

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