badpoodle, still grounded

so, evil and hairy went off to attend their 5th mold summer event, poodleless once again. with yet another demonstration of their general ignorance, they chose the frodalpuppy for this year's representative of the enhoffing segment of the red house next to the whoajeeeezus building. to add insult to injury, they came home with a compact flash card crammed with 197 pictures and said, "oh, badpoodle, won't you please put our pictures online? we love you so much and you're so wonderful and perfect and almighty."

yeah, right. anyway...

as always, john and the ever-lovely suzanne wiser were the first faces seen on the scene. their cute/little/good miata was in the parking lot, and again as always, the keys weren't in it.

here's the medulla dog, as unaware of his surroundings as he is everywhere. a poodledog would have added so much more to the mold revelry.

shiney happy smiley twoleggeds without a poodle

charlotte poole, born in jolly olde, met her first enhoffer in the form of the frodal puppy, a jolly oldish mastiff. poor child - no poodledog in her life.

peter kennedy's shirt - where to begin? we must lay praise on the sartorial balls this man has. even a golfer wouldn't touch this one.

peter's shirt was everywhere

good food, good meat, good doG, let's eat

good food, good meat, good doG, let's eat

ask rob about bikes.

ask frodal about balls.

ask sweetie about cola.

the lovely daughters of mr. poole and mr. newman

oh, boy, it's pinata time!

young master kennedy produced the rain of candy.

are we having fun yet?

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